2022 Selfie Tamil Movie With Violence & Emotional

2022 Selfie Tamil Movie With Violence & Emotional

Are you someone who enjoys watching movies that have a hit of violence and emotion both at the same time? Then in such a case, you must definitely watch the movie Selfie. Selfie is one of the best Tamil action movies  that is featured on the aha platform. Catch up on your favorite thriller movies on aha.

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The cast of Selfie

The movie selfie has been directed by none other than MathiMaran. Star Tollywood personalities who are featured in the movie are G. V. Prakash Kumar, GauthamVasudevMenon and VarshaBollamma, VidyaPradeep, Vagai Chandrasekhar, SangiliMurugan, and Subramaniam Siva.

The plot of Selfie

The storyline of the movie selfie is entirely situated on true events faced by a couple of engineering students. The story of the Selfie has been recorded by the director of the movie.  

The main feature of the movie is an ill-tempered engineering student who gets Tangled in the middle of a college admission racket. Soon he, along with his friends, gets in the middle of a target line for several goons and loan sharks.

The rest of the movie deals with how this group of friends gets out of this dreadful situation. 

What to expect from Selfie

The movie selfie has a few of the greatest action hits of all time. If you’re someone who jumps at every action scene, then you must definitely watch Selfie. The movie has been extracted for two reasons; therefore is even more eye-catching and relatable for the viewers.

The director of the movie makes sure that several important aspects, such as the educational system and the selfishness of the private colleges, are put into the spotlight in the movie. It is not just a fun and entertaining movie to watch during the weekend, but it is also an eye-opening movie for the youth.

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